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NonfishaliciousadblockNon*fish*a*li*cious is a unique recipe book created specifically for individuals who like the taste of fish dishes but want to try alternatives.


The idea came from Dos Winkel and Sea First Foundation to develop meals that have all of the taste of seafood, with high nutritional value, but without using any fish or other sea life.

We have worked with famous chefs including Tony Bishop-Weston to put together this recipe book, and every dish has been carefully selected.

* Soups
* Salads
* Sauces & dips
* Snacks
* Main courses
* Deserts

The book also provides important nutritional information, including why Omega-3 is so important yet we do not need to get this from fish as we are often lead to believe.

The aim of Non*fish*a*li*cious is to offer tasty and nutritious alternatives to fish dishes but more importantly to help raise awareness about the impact current fishing practises and pollution in our seas has on its inhabitants and the planet as a whole. It is no exaggeration to say if we continue how things are at the moment, our planet will suffer irreversible damage and we will no longer exist! It really is that serious.

A few words from our founder:

I would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope you enjoy the delicious recipes in our Non*fish*a*li*cious recipe book. I hope you also find the website informative and learn about why our work is so important to us. We need your help to make a change.

All profits from the sale of Non*fish*a*li*cious will be used in our ongoing research and campaign programs as we strive to open the eyes of the world to the problem.

Thank you so much for your support.

Dos Winkel
Sea First Foundation

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